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Big range of LED Lamp, LED Bulb, LED Spot LED Spot and LED Lighting items
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Just as compact fluorescent light bulbs have all but fully replaced incandescent lights in nearly every application, LEDs are on their way in. In much the same fashion, LEDs are plagued by high initial prices that are taking time to come down.
Even with the high price of LEDs, their advantages are many. One common complain about compact fluorescents is the ramp-up time to full brightness. Even instant-on CFLs have a ramp-up time; they start at a relatively low lumen count and then steadily get brighter until they've reached maximum lumens.
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With the instant full intensity of LEDs, they are great for rooms/applications where cycling is a factor (turning on and off frequently). Repeated power cycling does not harm or hinder LED light bulbs. On a similar note, LEDs can also be dimmed as normal, albeit by slightly different means; a pulse-width modulator or lowering the forward current.
LEDs have a "slow failure", that is their failure is a gradual dimming with a stop at the end. Incandescent bulbs have a direct failure that can easily result in bulb explosions if not carefully handled during removal.
LED size can be misleading considering the tiny size of the bulbs and their incredible life span, which is estimated at 35,000 to 50000 hours. If you use the LED light bulbs in the right places (away from extreme heat), they should attain the aforementioned life spans.
I've seen LED lamps in use to replace flood lights in a basement. They didn't provide the same amount of light as I would have wanted, but they must have been an equivalently lower wattage than the incandescent had been.


The Future LED Light In Automotive Industry
When Nick Holonyak Jr. first introduced the LED in 1962, he probably has never imagined that LED light will get so popular in 50 years later.
One of the most popular places where LED lights have brightly "shine" is in the Automotive Industry Field. Even though it is not available for every car yet, growingly, more and more cars are rolling out of from the factory plants with LED bulbs and LED lights.
Here are the beauties of the car LED lights. 1) The LED bulbs are very easy to spot because of its faster reaction time to light up than conventional filament bulbs; 2) the LED light is much brighter than stock tail lights bulb so makes driving safer; 3) Due to nature of the LED is relatively small, so LED tail lights can be easily shaped to make the car look prettier with a trendy new look.
Beside all mentioned above, another common place you might find car LED lights is the aftermarket field. LED lights are getting more and more popular with those who like to customize their cars with these super bright and easy to install LED bulbs and LED lighting.
The common aftermarket LED parts on the market are LED strip lights, LED corner lights, LED replacement bulbs and the newly LED daytime running lights.
Also, Interior LED lights are also being adapted for cars to set a nice mood and for accent purpose. You're starting to see more places offer them in a wide selection of forms, whether just LED interior accent lighting or complete LED underbody light kits that go under the cars. A lot of aftermarket companies like iJDMTOY (the Car LED Bulbs and Lighting Expert) have taken action of the increasing demand for the automotive LED lights and are actively bring more and more new LED light technology as quickly as they can.
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All-night parties give party goers the freedom to express themselves the best way they'd love to. Young people as well as the young-at-heart are most fond of attending such parties as they enjoy the extra-special atmosphere all-night parties provide. The timing of these parties makes it important to use LED lights in order to make the all-night parties come alive.
LED lights are the latest and, possibly, the best when lighting technology is being discussed. They are better than the other existing lighting options in the market in most regard. LED lights consume less power; this makes them great to use, especially if you care about the environment. The lighting effect provided by LED lights is superior to the other lighting options. They are now being used in the manufacture of diverse products due to their small sizes.
You can make your all-night party come alive by using LED lights for the dance floor. When used for a dance floor, LED lights create a lively and beautiful scene, especially in a case where extended dance floor is used. Your guests would be awed by the wonderful lighting effect that the LED lights would conjure.
Illumination of an all-night party scene is not the only way LED lights can be used at the party. LED lights are also utilized in multicolor displays that can be used to pass important information across to guests. The LED displays make your all-night party come alive, and they could also show video clips. LED Glasses, LED Candles, LED Ratchet, Magic LED Spinning Ball, LED Glow sticks and LED Flowers are some other LED bulbs that could be used at an all-night party.
All-night party goers are now into using jewelry and clothing accessories that utilize LED lights in their designs; as these make it possible for them to express themselves fully. The options of LED-illuminated designs are numerous to choose from; so also are the color. You can always pick the design and color that is suitable to the occasion you wish to attend, and also suitable to your taste.
At the back? Makes you infinitely grateful to be living in these electric times - or for the birth of men like Thomas Edison, come to think of it.
Imagine the perils of driving at night in the 1800s - always worrying that your car might catch fire because of the open flame of your headlamp, or that said light might be snuffed out by a wayward gust of wind or splash of water.
I mean, can you imagine - an open flame in your car? Might as well slap on a couple of bumper stickers saying "ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN" or "BEGGING FOR IT." And all for a piece of tech that could only nominally light your way. Thank heavens there was no traffic those days. Say it with me: conflagration.
So, given those Flintstone days of automobile history, we are certainly spoiled little brats for choice. It's true that we creatures of the road rarely think about headlamps unless they're busted, or some idiot is bearing down on us on the opposite lane with his beams on high.
Take HID or high-intensity discharge (also known as xenon) headlamps. The pristine bluish-white beams can be irritating or sublime depending on which side you're viewing it from. For nerdspeak watchers, automotive website ridelust describes HIDs as "metal halide arc lights which use two tungsten electrodes to arc a power electric charge. This charge interacts with the gases inside and vaporizes metal salts present in the bulb, producing a plasma that emits a very intense light."
Dizzy yet? What is very important to note is that "contamination like dirt or dead bugs on the lens can cause a great deal of glare to be directed up and towards other motorists." This means that owners of said HIDs need to be responsible for them or risk seeing more motorists flip them off.
Given all the high-tech effectiveness of the HIDs, a new kid on the block is threatening to take over.
In high school, part of the curriculum in our school asked us to make electronic projects that entailed soldering components onto printed circuit boards that we made ourselves by "etching" the boards in ferric chloride. Quite a few of those assemblies involved small muti-colored nubs of light that, we were told, were called LEDs, or light-emitting diodes. Not only did these LEDs come in a variety of colors; they also didn't heat up like traditional incandescent lamps.
From those heady days of juvenile creation, you might say the LED dragon has properly entered the automotive scene.
While credit for the first use of the LED on wide production-use headlamps belongs to Lexus (on its LS600 in 2008), Audi (locally distributed by PGA Cars) is widely regarded as the voracious, avid user of the innovation on its models. It is now a brand seen as a vanguard in LED headlamp technology.
PGA Cars public relations officer and motorsports manager Menchie Ramirez maintains that LEDs are highly superior to usual halogens because "it is energy efficient - presently four times so. By 2018, we expect it to be eight times more efficient. It also has an indefinite service life and reacts up to 10 times more quickly than traditional incandescent bulbs."
ore than that, Ramirez says that LED bulbs are environment-friendly because they do not contain mercury.


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